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What type of license should I purchase?

Here's a list of our license options:

Personal/Home Use

This option is for personal viewing at home, and does NOT cover public screening events.  If you're showing the film to a gathering that is not an educational institution or library, please purchase the Nonprofit/business license.

College/University License

This license is for higher education institutions, and allows you to use the film in the classroom, host a public screening in a single facility, or add the DVD to the library collection.

Nonprofit/Business License

This license is for nonprofits, businesses, religious institutions, and community organizations.  It includes unlimited public performance, which means you can show the film as many times as you like at ONE facility.

Library/K-12 License

This license covers public libraries and a K-12 schools.

Still have questions?  Send us an email.

I'm an individual that would like to share the film with community organizations.  Which package do I need?

Purchase the Nonprofit/Business license.  This generally only covers one location, but we've made an exception to those who would like to share the film with multiple small community organizations.

Where is my money going?

Proceeds from our sales go to paying our staff and allowing us to screen the film in more locations.  As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to continue making great work.


More questions?  Send us an email.

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